Stokes & Company Celebrates Grand Opening for New Headquarters

For over twenty years, Stokes & Company has served local businesses in the Upstate and Western North Carolina with their accounting, payroll, and tax services. Recently, the accounting firm celebrated the grand opening of their new office headquarters, located in downtown Greenville at 108 Frededrick Street. Guests were welcomed by President Stephen Stokes, Vice President Allen Hodges, and US Congressman William Timmons. Over 200 of the company’s clients attended the celebratory event, where they received tours of the new office from the Stokes & Company team. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed lunch from local food trucks and music from Bob Jones University’s...

5 Warning Signs When Working with an Agency

Since March, everyone is examining their bottom lines, and assessing what’s working, what’s not, and what’s simply not worth the time and energy right now. More than ever, business owners need true partners… the kind of people who shoot straight, bring ideas to the table, keep a constructive eye, and approach the situation as if this is their business, too. Here are five warning signs that you may need to re-evaluate your current agency, or if you’re in the interviewing stage, pause and reflect before proceeding into a contractual relationship.

Lessons from yesterday, to use today

Yesterday’s events in our nation’s Capitol were ones we will not forget as Americans. While the world watched on, the seat of our democratic Republic was illegally breached, and our elected leaders, staffers, and other civil servants were forced to evacuate to safety. No matter which side of the political aisle you identify with, a nearly universal reaction among us all has been one of shock, sadness, and uncertainty about what this means for the future. I’m writing to reiterate that, now and always, words matter. The Bible has a great deal to say about the power of our tongues, calling them...

Communicating Effectively Through the Coronavirus

As the nation and world escalates its impact prevention around COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, our objectives at this time are two-fold: to keep healthy by limiting our exposure in keeping with best prevention practices, and to extend our strategic communications services to you in the fullest ways possible as you and your organization navigate through the uncertainty.

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