Meet Shelby Flynn

Meet Shelby Flynn, our newest intern. She’ll be joining us for her 2022 spring semester to learn about the marketing and event industries from our team. Read on to get to know her yourself!

flourish spring intern

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Shelby Flynn! I was born and raised in Greenville, SC, and I am 22 years old. I am a royal family fanatic, a corgi lover, and a sucker for musicals. I’m happiest by the beach with a book in my hand. My dream would be to plan extravagant non-profit events for companies, such as charity galas.

What do you enjoy doing for fun? 

My favorite thing in the world to do is travel! Whether it is a weekend getaway by car or a 14 hour plane ride, I love it!  Wherever I travel, I enjoy visiting museums and finding the local spots for dining and shopping. Aside from traveling, I enjoy reading, going on walks, and cooking.

Where do you attend school, and what are you studying?

I attend the University of South Carolina. My major is hospitality management with a focus on events.

What interests you most about the hospitality and events industry?

What interests me most about the hospitality and events industry is how versatile it is. From very early on in my college career, I knew I would grow tired of doing the same job every day. It’s important for me to have the ability to be creative and think outside-the-box. I gravitated towards the events industry, because the possibility of turning a client’s ideas into something they never could have imagined brings me joy.

Why did you choose to intern at flourish?

I chose to intern at Flourish because I heard wonderful things about the work they do. Also, I wanted the opportunity to learn under such a powerful senior- led marketing team to gain skills that will further me in my career. This internship will give me experience and knowledge I will use not only my next job, but my future career.