Jenny Mahon

graphic designer

Jenny Mahon, an industry veteran of 12 years, is the primary designer behind Flourish’s luxury and affluent lifestyle clients. Graduating from Clemson University with a B.S. in Graphic Communications and minor in business, Jenny’s first job was with The Cliffs. Since then, she has worked with various private country clubs, resorts and hotels, including La Jolla Country Club, South Seas Island Resort, Conrad Chicago, Boca Raton Resort and Club and many more. In 2008, Jenny started her own freelance business, which allowed her to relocate from the Upstate to Kentucky then onto Boston. Jenny currently calls Boston home, where she lives with her husband of ten years, Brian, and three kids, Luke, Kate and Lydia. In her free time, Jenny loves gardening and being outdoors, sports – particularly cheering on the Clemson Tigers – and coffee ice cream. She is a member of Christ Community Church in Newton, Massachusetts and a dedicated volunteer for Remember – a nonprofit organization assisting those who have been orphaned or widowed because of their faith in Christ.



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