With a Grateful Heart

We could not let this opportunity pass us without sharing how truly thankful we are this year. In the spirit of the season, the Flourish Team reflected on what we are grateful for both inside and outside our office.

Jamie Prince, Founder and Principal

While there are too many things to list here that I am grateful for, I will sum it up simply by saying that on a daily basis – not just on Thanksgiving – I am continually thankful for the people I am surrounded by, and fortunate enough to call team members. This includes our staff here at Flourish, as well as our client family. It also includes our contractors and vendors, and our media partners. All of us, together, go into making the #flourishing that we have become known for in our community and industry. Indeed, it takes a village, and our village is quite special. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Katie Jordan, Director of Flourish Events

I am thankful to work for a company that has created a true team environment, and really values and appreciates their employees. Personally, I am thankful for the consistent love and support I receive from my husband and two girls – there is no greater feeling. Feeling thankful, blessed and grateful this holiday season!

David Prince, Director of Operations

I’m thankful for new Internet at the office, and also for the continued health of my family.

Editor’s note: The entire Flourish team is grateful to David for working so hard to bring us new Internet service!!

Liz Morris, Senior Accounts Manager

I am thankful that Wunderlist, the Starbucks mobile app and online ordering at Rick’s Deli keep me straight during my workday. On a more personal note though, I’m incredibly thankful for colleagues who make my professional life meaningful and fulfilling, and for friends and family who support me no matter what!

Kristan Gillispie, Senior Accounts Manager – Digital Marketing

I’m thankful to work with amazing clients from whom I learn something new every day and with whom I have been blessed to build lasting friendships. On the personal side, I am so thankful for Family ­– my husband who handles the craziness in stride and two precious girls who keep us laughing and cap off the day with the best goodnight hugs.

Kristen McLean, Account Manager

I am very thankful for the people who are my friends and coworkers at Flourish – supportive, hard workers, smart and fun!  It doesn’t get any better than this team. Additionally, I am thankful for my family and their health. What a wonderful blessing to have a loving, supportive family who are also happy and healthy!

Katie Sanders, Accounts Coordinator

This year I’m thankful for things old and new: for a new(ish) job and a new apartment in the city I grew up in and love, and for my support system of family, friends and colleagues that grows on a daily basis. I’m also very thankful for the office Keurig, the endless supply of La Croix and lively college football debates with my co-workers (Roll Tide!).

Briana Carr, Events and Administrative Assistant

I’m thankful for the wonderful vendors we have in Greenville. People like TruColor, Embassy Floral, Table 301, Roots, and Concierge on Call. These small businesses help Flourish Events make clients’ visions come to life. They are always ready and willing to help, and are fun to work with! I am also very thankful for Pandora Radio (and coffee).


We have truly flourished this year thanks to our clients, vendors, family and friends. The Flourish wishes you a wonderful day of thanks with your loved ones!

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