Visual Marketing Content: Visual Trends That Are Truly Universal

A company’s website is one of the biggest and useful marketing tools. The internet plays an integral role in daily lives. It’s the place most consumers go when contemplating a purchasing decision. The decision starts with typing a few words into a search engine, which allows for a business to be noticed by a potential new customer. Today, if your company or business doesn’t have a website, there is a good portion of consumers that will not even consider you as an option. Websites make it easier for people to find and read up on your product, good, or service. Website visitors aren’t simply “looking” at a website: they are experiencing it, and whether consciously or subconsciously, they will base their decision to engage with a business on that experience. Treat your website as you would with any personal introduction. Your goal is to make the best possible first impression, so simply having a website isn’t good enough. When someone does stumble across your website, does it capture their attention with not only content but visuals as well? (Mills, “3 Ways Your Website Design Is Directly Impacting Your Business).


Here are three visual website trends that are truly universal:


  1. Impacting Design: An example website design is professional, up-to-date, modern- and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. An uncluttered design for a clean appearance is always the best approach in achieving this. When something looks good, it makes people feel confident and reassured. It naturally makes them want to be a part of the experience you are creating for them. The design should invoke emotion and impact the viewer, enticing them to stay.


  1. Photography: Beautiful quality pictures of your product or service in action. It highlights your professionalism, enhances the look of your site, and improves your own credibility.


  1. Video: Video not only converts more customers to purchase, but it also has a positive impact on the website search results. A website with video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results. That boost can greatly impact your business! (“Web Tip: Why Integrating Video Is Important For Your Website).


Of course clear and organized content is of extreme importance as well. However, unless you capture attention visually, they may never take the time to read the content. For inspiration and examples of award winning graphic design, experience some of the world’s best visual websites.



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