South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame Inducts Two HBA of Greenville Leaders

GREENVILLE, S.C.—Home Builders Association of Greenville members, Coleman Shouse and Michael Nieri, were inducted into the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame this month. Both men are leaders of HBA of Greenville member companies and have served the homebuilding industry in a wide capacity.

Hailing from the Greenville area, Coleman Shouse is currently the Land Development and Entitlement Manager for LS Homes and has previously served the HBA of Greenville in many capacities, including president in 2006. Shouse’s extensive planning and development knowledge have proved to be an invaluable asset to the Greenville community.

“Coleman is not flashy,” Michael Dey, CEO and Executive Vice President of HBA of Greenville, said. “He doesn’t seek accolades. He just works to help make Greenville the great place that it has become. I can think of no other person in our association who is more deserving of the recognition of induction in the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame.”

Coleman was with the Greenville County Planning Commission for 14 years, and during his tenure, worked tirelessly to ensure that the housing industry and homebuilders were present and consulted when regulations were proposed and developed. He also was honored by Governor Beasley with the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor bestowed upon someone by South Carolina for contributions to his industry and state.

“Coleman’s work within Greenville County has made him one of the most respected developers in the industry,” Governor Richard Riley, former state governor and former U.S. Secretary of Education, said. “Due to his practical knowledge and ability to understand all aspects of the development process, he is routinely consulted on regulatory issues that will affect the development industry if and when instituted.”

Michael Nieri serves as president of Great Southern Homes based in Columbia and is known as the “Champion of Housing” through his continuous efforts with the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina. Nieri is a leading benefactor and President of the Building Industry Charitable Foundation and led the construction effort for three cottages at Boy’s Farm in Newberry.

The South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the housing industry through their work in building and development, public service and housing-related areas such as education, architecture and planning.

About the Home Builders Association of Greenville

The Home Builders Association of Greenville was founded on January 16, 1960. The association was officially organized and chartered as an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders on that date in 1960. The association was formed so home builders and other professionals in the home building industry could work together and cooperate in promoting the industry, new homes, home remodeling, repairs and improvements, and other areas of interest to the home building industry. The association began with a few dedicated members and has grown to almost 500-member firms today. For more information, please call 864-254-0133, or visit

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