Our Work: Greenville Water System By The Numbers

Flourish teamed up with Greenville Water System to produce a new fact sheet piece for the company to use for various meetings and events. The goal was to create a piece that was aesthetically interesting, while conveying key stats and facts in an easy-to-read manner.

Flourish provided copy and creative management for the “By the Numbers” piece, building upon previous brochures the company used in the past. We envisioned a sleek and clean (dare we say fluid?) design consistent with Greenville Water System’s current brand style and color scheme.

Greenville Water System has been providing exceptional water service to the Upstate since 1918, earning awards like Best Tasting Water in North America and Exceptional Utility Performance. We are proud to help this company take the next step with their marketing collateral!

What do you think of Greenville Water’s new By the Numbers fact sheet?

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