It’s More Than A Company

With some previous experience under my belt, I thought I knew what interning at flourish would be like; while my expectations weren’t completely wrong, my time at flourish definitely went beyond my expectations. From the little things I learned to the full-day events I helped out with, I learned so much more than I could’ve ever in a classroom.

The week I started was the busiest week in the whole month of May—and maybe even the whole summer season. I still remember my very first day and my first introductions with the team who I would be working with. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the people are really what make flourish the company it is.

I only had one day with my new group of coworkers before the majority of them left to go prepare for the Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Mt. Marion, which was happening the same weekend. I did have some projects to do thanks to the Upstate Sport Awards, the second event going on within a week of when I first started. I may have been apprehensive during that first week because the office was mostly empty and I still wasn’t sure what to expect, but after working the Assaults that weekend, I got a much better idea of what to my time with flourish would entail.

During the 48 hours I worked at the Assaults, I had the opportunity to work with a previous intern, my new coworkers, and my bosses. The work I was doing at the Assaults was rewarding, and I was able to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into event production. I got another glimpse of this at the Upstate Sport Awards several days later. Between these two events, I began to realize that flourish is more about the people on the team than the space or environment they work in.

flourish’s team members each have unique individual strengths, but together each of these strengths make the company stand out among others. I consider myself lucky that I was able to help contribute to the team and work with them on many different client projects. The effort I saw my fellow coworkers putting into their projects was a great model for how work was done. It made me want to put it the same kind of effort and show them I was capable of following their examples of hard work.

 As a general intern, I reported to everyone at the office. To me, this was beneficial because I was able to work on a variety of projects and learn about each of flourish’s clients. The tasks I worked on had to be completed in a timely manner, but thanks to account managers on each project, I was never overwhelmed or felt out of my depth. With that being said though, the account managers did challenge me and gave me tasks that I could learn from. Every day, I felt as if I learned something new. No day was the same, not only because of the tasks I was handed, but because of the space flourish was in.

At the end of June, flourish moved out of the building they had been occupying for several years. Everyone was excited about the move but moving rarely goes seamlessly. The new office we were set to move into turned out to have some complications that prevented the team from moving in when originally planned. Because of this, our team was temporarily placed in another company’s building and then later in a shared co-working space. Once again, this showed me that it was the team who made flourish great. The team didn’t let the circumstances of the work environment or the stress of moving offices stop them from getting work done. The moves showed me how adaptable the team is and how willing they are to perform well, no matter the circumstances. The team took the move in stride, and I followed suit. They could have chosen to let the temporary displacement affect the company, but instead they grew from it.

I think a general piece of advice for future interns would be to roll with the punches no matter the environment. For any future interns reading this, I want to say there is so much to learn from the flourish team, not just about public relations or events, but about how to work as a team and to act professionally. flourish is ripe with opportunities to grow and advance, you just have to take the first step.

Finally, to the flourish team reading this, I can’t thank each of you enough for welcoming me this summer. I feel as if I’ve gained so much from just the few months I’ve been here, and I know my time here will only benefit me down the road. As I’ve said above, it’s not the office space or the clients or accolades that make flourish great—though those definitely play a part, it’s the people in the company. I couldn’t have asked for better mentors.

Written by Hanna Wilde (Summer Intern)

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