Grand Opening of Softbox Systems, Inc. North American Headquarters

On November 1, Flourish Events had the opportunity to create a celebration worth remembering for the new North American headquarters of Softbox Systems in Greenville, SC.


The event was originally intended to be celebrated outside on the terrace adjacent to the new building, complete with music, delicious food and good drink. However, the weather did not want to cooperate with us, so we opted for Plan B: The Rain Plan.

This plan included moving the celebration inside to the warehouse of the new facility: the main attraction of the party. We were able to make the industrial warehouse turn into a sophisticated reception area, full with cocktail tables donned in Softbox Systems’ blue and cobalt, soft curtains and up lighting to provide a warmer and more welcoming space. The area also incorporated the company’s own product into the arrangement by using one of its temperature controlled products as the cooler to hold beer and other beverages.


With these additions, especially those of the beautiful greenery and lanterns, the warehouse was able to transform into an inviting environment where the guests could relax and enjoy the accomplishments and dedication of Softbox Systems, U.S.

We also provided Softbox Systems with a printed photo of their new building to be hung on their office wall. The photo included a mat so everyone who attended the celebration could sign in commemoration of such a special evening.


John Hammes, the General Manager of the U.S. company, opened the evening with kind remarks thanking those who helped make the company what it is today. He reflected how the company began at his desk with a single sheet of paper and a single employee (himself) in 2009, noting its transformation as a result of much hard work and dedication, into an incredible, record-breaking numbers company.


In the midst of the mingling and celebrating, John took a large group of people on a tour of the facility and warehouse, showing them the amount of work that went into creating such a grand establishment.

Thanks to an impressive facility, good food, music and company, the Softbox Systems Grand Opening Celebration was a success! Furthermore, those of us at Flourish Events are so thankful to have been a part of making it a night to remember and to commemorate such great success for Softbox Systems, U.S.

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