Flourish Expands Its Services to Faith and Ministry Organizations

Flourish – an award-winning public relations, marketing, and events firm – is now broadening its service footprint to include a focus on faith communities and ministries. This expansion in the diversity of the core industries flourish serves aligns with the company’s founder’s own passions for community service and ministry work.

“We’re truly excited about this,” said Jamie Prince, flourish’s founder and principal. “The culture we’re trying to build here is one driven by a servant’s heart, a spirit of genuine care and helpfulness both within our team as well as our family of clients. The leaders of our faith communities – locally up to nationally – are at an important point in history in terms of the ways they communicate with their congregations, grow their ministries, and partner with those they serve. We want to come alongside them to help.”

Currently, flourish offers a spectrum of services across traditional and digital marketing, public relations, and special events that are customized to each client’s objectives. To be more accessible to non-profit organizations, including many of those in faith and ministry work, flourish offers a reduced pricing structure.

“When we partnered with our first non-profit client many moons ago, my husband David and I decided to develop a way that they and organizations like them could access and benefit from the same level of expertise that we offer our corporate clients. Reduced fees for our time and services is one of the main ways we achieve that, and it’s opened the door to dozens of opportunities for us to serve since that time.”

More proactively marketing itself to the ministry world has already borne fruit for flourish. In a short period of time, the firm has engaged with a large church, a ministry doing work internationally, and a technology service provider for faith-based membership organizations.

“So far, so good,” Prince said. “We look forward to the relationships that are ahead of us, and using our gifts for a higher purpose. At the end of the day – at this point in my and David’s lives – we are defining success more as significance… how significant what we are doing is and why it matters. And for good measure, paying forward the many blessings we ourselves have received on our own journey.”

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