Eclipse Over Clemson

Perhaps Flourish Events’ most unique event to date, Eclipse Over Clemson was a feat unlike any other we have previously pulled off. Around 40,000 people spread across Clemson University, staring up into the sky, dawning the appropriate eyewear, of course, to be a part of the once in a lifetime event on August 21.

Unloading at the Watts Innovation Center at four in the morning we surveyed the calm before the storm and set up camp. Eclipse glasses were the hot commodity of the day as folks interested in getting a pair began showing up not too shortly after we did. Visitors were treated to music, food trucks and the ultimate eclipse insight from world-renowned Eclipse Chaser, Rick Brown. As one of the best viewing locations in America, we had visitors from as far as Slovakia come to witness totality.

Although the clouds teased throughout the day, viewers were treated to completely uninhibited views of the eclipse’s totality. All elements that were logistically out of our control—the weather, the cloud coverage—cooperated beautifully. As we entered totality, a hush fell over the crowd and the bugs began buzzing like they do on hot summer nights—it was just 2:37 in the afternoon. The crowd could sense the temperature drop and then rise again after totality.

We could see Venus shining above us as the sky swirled into deep purples and vibrant oranges (clearly the universe knew what it was doing over Clemson). The shadow and light played off each other and cast an effect that can only be explained as otherworldly, perhaps only comparable to the most enchanted twilight or dusk you’ve ever seen. While words may not do the event justice, some of the pictures we’ve seen capture the eclipse’s grandeur.

Professional photography will be featured in a coffee table book to be published by Clemson University Press in conjunction with the College of Science and is available for pre-order here:


The 2017 Solar Eclipse in totality from Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium, Aug. 21. 2017. (Photo by Ken Scar)

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