Communicating Effectively Through the Coronavirus

As the nation and world escalates its impact prevention around COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, our objectives at this time are two-fold: to keep healthy by limiting our exposure in keeping with best prevention practices, and to extend our strategic communications services to you in the fullest ways possible as you and your organization navigate through the uncertainty.

Precautionary Measures

Our clients, vendors, and remote-based team members are an essential part of the flourish family. For that reason, we want to do our part in keeping the risk of exposure at the lowest possible level.

Therefore, effective immediately, flourish has implemented a no visitors policy. All client, vendor, and partner meetings will take place virtually, via conference call or a platform such as Go To Meeting, Skype, etc. Where necessary, we will re-direct any packages or ordered collateral to ship or deliver directly to you.

We are here to help.

Our deepest bench of expertise is in strategic and corporate communications. Our team members who specialize in and support this area have between fifteen and twenty years of experience in crafting communication plans and messaging to stakeholders, particularly in times of great importance or change.

We are actively assessing all of our clients’ needs, forecasting areas of perceived risk, and making initial considerations to help guide them.

At this time, please be mindful of how and to whom you’re communicating, and how frequently. Calm, prudent transparency, blended with compassion, are essential – not only to your staff and customers, but to the outside world via your public-facing channels like your website and social media platforms. This is neither a time for putting out traditional, planned company messages, as if the world is humming along normally, nor a time for sounding the fire alarm over the public airwaves. Allow us to help you find and strike a balanced, appropriate tone and make necessary – and, likely, difficult – decisions as you face them.

It’s why we’re here. Our firm’s mission and core values are as active, if not moreso, during times like these. We want to help.

Information + Materials

We encourage you to consult and rely on only the most trustworthy information sources during this time. SC-DHEC and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are excellent, and keep things updated in real time. Some national media organizations, such as The Washington Post, are offering a paywall-free newsletter specific to the virus.

For your workplace, we’ve included a link here to download Coronavirus/COVID-19 information.

Reach out…

Never hesitate to reach out to us as this fluid situation continues to develop. Use our mobile/direct numbers, and texting is fine. We are all in this together, and we pray that this passes swiftly and without harm to all of you, your families, and your businesses.

Your partner,

Jamie Prince

founder and principal

(864) 979-0715 mobile/direct

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