A Helping Hand

Within our community, there are so many different areas of need and many different ways to serve. Every member of the Flourish team has their own set of passion projects where we are able to volunteer our skills and time to in order to lift the community up.

Recently, Briana, a vocal dog and general animal lover (read obsessed), joined Greenville Humane Society as a Pet Therapy volunteer.  Every other week, she grabs a puppy and takes it to the retirement home to visit –  all while trying not to add a dog to her family. Briana is able to talk and visit with the seniors, as well as get in some sweet puppy snuggles.

Aside from the general good feelings you get from volunteering, there is much more that comes from the simple act of donating your time.  In fact, a 2012 study from Health Psychology found that participants who regularly volunteered lived a longer life!

If you are finding yourself at a loss to where to start volunteering, just Google a cause you are passionate about in Greenville. There are opportunities for everyone!

If you happen to be enthusiastic about cycling, many opportunities exist within one of Flourish Event’s largest productions. The Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion need more than 100 volunteers to make the epic, 102.7 mile ride a success. For the upcoming 2016 ride on May 16, we will need just as many volunteers as we have in years.  Volunteers for The Assaults are truly loved by the cyclists, because they provide supportive cheers, guidance and much need nourishment in stops along the way.

To volunteer with The Assaults contact director@theassaults.com or visit www.theassaults.com to find out more.

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