International Ballet’s Passport To Dance

Since its inception in 15th century, ballet has spread to every corner of the globe as a beloved art form. Although it originated in Europe, the influence of other countries and cultures has been tremendous in shaping ballet and a major factor in its continued prominence in the modern world.

In celebration of this global influence, International Ballet invites you to join us as we showcase the art of ballet through the lens of different countries during Passport to Dance on Thursday, March 10. You can travel around of the world in one evening at The Old Cigar Warehouse, where you’ll enjoy vignettes of international classics and original pieces. The evening will include an array of delicious and eclectic cuisine and beverage stations, live entertainment that will get you on your feet in the true spirit of dance.

As a performing company, we are excited to bring you this signature event that celebrates not only Upstate International Month, but also International Ballet’s rich history, talent and performance drawn from the world stage.

Tickets for the event will go on sale February 4. For more information, visit International Ballet’s website.

Passport to Dance

Thursday, March 10 at 7 p.m.

The Old Cigar Warehouse

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