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Complete coverage for anything life brings your way.

With a desire to provide incredible service and comprehensive insurance coverage for individuals across Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina, Penny Insurance Agency has one focus: ensuring that you, your family and your most important belongings are covered from whatever comes your way.

The Opportunity

Penny Insurance came to flourish in late 2014. Although they had already been working with an agency, the company wanted to increase awareness of their brand in the larger areas of Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina, as well as with clients of high net worth. As a nearly century-old, family-owned business, Penny Insurance had a unique opportunity to capitalize on their decades of experience and service, and reach a wider range of clients and customers.

I spent the last three days at Wharton Business School, with Chubb Insurance, studying data analytics. (Sounds like a party!) I shared the report and analysis on our digital campaigns that flourish provided to me and everyone, and I mean everyone, was very impressed! The President of Chubb Personal Lines, Chubb Data Analyst, Wharton Faculty and the Agents were all blown away. Everyone at flourish should be very proud of the work you are doing for us and, I am sure, for all of your clients.

Will Penny, Owner - Penny Insurance Agency

Strategic Snapshot

Realizing that to go head-to-head with competitive national brands would be extremely costly and difficult, flourish began by identifying Penny Insurance’s points of difference—mainly, their ability to provide exceptional, customized service to their clients. With that in mind, the team began to seek out the ideal client—someone with high net worth who saw the value in both protecting their assets, as well as receiving highly personalized service.

  • Created messaging around personalized service, trusted advisor, "protecting what matters most" and put together an integrated marketing plan that included PR, SEO, digital advertising, website, social media and event marketing.
  • Evaluated the Penny Insurance website to shore up where the online experience was lacking and fix what may be hindering someone from taking the next step of contacting the insurance agency.
  • Developed an offline referral generation program, including a "gifting" strategy to thank new clients and recognize loyal ones who referred business.
  • Created various media and advertising plans—both digital and print—to reach luxury consumers through community publications like The Cliffs Magazine and Biltmore Forest.
  • Created dedicated campaigns around the equestrian community, as well as digital advertising campaigns (both traditional and geo-targeted).
  • Developed and expanded active social media channels and a robust SEO program.
  • Developed a strategic SEO roadmap to drive targeted improvements in organic search, increasing local exposure and website traffic, and improving website visitor quality.
  • Location listings management had opportunities for improvement to capture more So, we revised all of their business descriptions and set up a citation campaign to expand their location information to other relevant directories. This resulted in a gain of 40 new high traffic local keywords within 1 month for Hendersonville.
  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy to build relationships and trust with followers by communicating / telling Penny Insurance's brand story and providing a space for two-way communication for those needing to get in touch with the insurance agency.

Tactical Toolbox

In order to achieve these significant goals, flourish implemented a variety of marketing strategies to both grow awareness of the insurance agency -

  • Website refresh/build
  • SEO
  • Social media strategy
  • Creative services
  • Content marketing/blogging
  • Strategic messaging
  • Media planning
  • Event marketing


As a result of an incredible amount of focus and hard work with the Penny Insurance team, we were able to see significant results in a short amount of time.

  • Penny Insurance has seen an increase in web traffic of 65% since 2015, driven primarily via SEO.
  • In the first six months, organic traffic quality improved with 22% increase in time spent on site and 7% increase in pages viewed, with Google showing the most drastic improvement with 37% in time spent and 12% increase in pages viewed.
  • On the website, the contact us form is one of the top three pages visited, showing how responsive potential clients are to the calls to action within the site.