How It All Started

So, everyone and everything have a story, and we are no exception.

Flourish officially began on July 17, 2009, but really, we began nearly two years before that as a dream in the mind of our Founder Jamie Prince. Jamie sought an exit from the traditional corporate world to a more encompassing life that allowed her to have a family – to flourish, as it were, in both her personal and professional lives.

The story goes that on Flourish’s very first day, Jamie’s phone rang – someone needing help who didn’t have a large agency budget but couldn’t afford to “go dark” as the economy entered the recession. That company became Flourish’s first client. And more clients followed just like that – seeking high-level expertise, but without the overhead of a large firm.

Though Flourish was founded in the Great Recession, that period of time actually allowed us to gain a significant amount of credibility with executives and business owners who, perhaps under better economic conditions, may not have entertained working with a start-up.

Since our humble beginnings, we have grown steadily and surely, and have helped dozens upon dozens of brands – large to small, fourth generation to start-up – tell their stories, grow and be successful.

It’s been incredible. Flourish truly is flourishing, and it’s all thanks to our clients.

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